Daynea Wallock-Richards - Postdoc

Daynea studied Chemistry and Education at the University of the West Indies. She also completed a MRes degree in Biological and Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Nottingham. Her research project was carried out in Prof. Neil Thomas’ lab. Daynea then completed her doctoral studies at the University of Edinburgh in 2015 under the supervision of Prof. Dominic Campopiano. Her thesis was based on the antimicrobial properties of selected natural products and their protein targets. Daynea joined the Müller research group in 2017 where she is currently working on developing biochemical tools to study backbone modifications of proteins, particularly isoaspartyl-containing proteins.

Current Position: Science Teacher at Leigh Academies
Niyaz Zaman - LIDo PhD Rotation student

Niyaz completed his BSc in Pharmacology & Molecular Genetics at King’s College London, followed by an MRes in Cancer Biology at Imperial College London. His past projects have focussed along the drug discovery and development pipeline where he has validated targets for immunotherapies, designed and developed gene therapies as well as characterising and validating the targets of chemotherapies, and designing AI/Machine Learning platforms to perform in-silico target prediction and predicting treatment responses based on tumour DNA. In Spring 2021, Niyaz joined the Müller lab on a LIDo PhD rotation to design and characterise cyclic cancer-selective toxins, in collaboration with Professor Mahvash Tavassoli (Molecular Oncology) where these cyclic toxins will be investigated in a range of primary and metastatic cancer cell lines.

Yasmin Gariba-Hamilton - King's MSci Student

Yasmin is currently in her final year of studying MSci Chemistry at King’s College London. She joined the Müller Group in October 2020, wherein her project focuses on the significance of the conversion of certain asparagine/aspartate residues into isoaspartate. Specifically, she will be looking for this change in a protein with identified potential for isoAsp conversion, and considering the impact on its functionality upon this alteration.

Olga Tereszkowska-Kaminska - Undergraduate Student, KCL

Current Position: MSc student at KCL/Crick
Florence Stoffel - KURF Student, KCL
Current Position: MSci student at EPFL, Switzerland
Rashi Benarroch - MSci and KURF Student, KCL
Current Position: PhD student at Imperial College

George Preston - Visiting Postdoc, Phillips Lab

George is a visiting postdoc from Prof. David Phillips’ group in the Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine. In the Mueller lab he is developing molecular probes to target reactive loci of proteins in human blood. The aim is to identify loci at which toxicologically-relevant covalent modifications might be found.

Current Position: Postdoc, Phillips lab @ KCL

Halime Karakoy - King's MSci student