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Manuel Mueller King's College London

Research in our lab focuses on using synthetic protein chemistry to elucidate how proteins are controlled by post-translational modifications. We are particularly interested in modifications of the polypeptide backbone, and how such processes are involved in molecular ageing.


We are located in the recently formed chemistry department at King's College London. Our research is generously funded by a Sir Henry Dale Fellowship, jointly provided by the Wellcome Trust and the Royal Society.

Lab News:

2022 Oct

Lewis Picken, Ruqaiya Alam and Sam Fidler join the lab as PhD Students

2022 Oct

Neev Lawton join the lab as MSci Student

2022 July

Builqis wins the Style Medal & Prize in Chemistry - congratulations!

2021 Oct

Guljannat Ablat joins the group as a K-CSC PhD Student

2021 Sept

Builqis Jahan returns to the group for her MSci project

2021 Aug

Sofia successfully defended her thesis. Congratulations Dr Margiola!

Karola awarded with Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship - Congratulations!

2021 July

Sabrina Hossain - joint PhD student with the Politis lab - joins the group

Builqis Jahan joins the group as a KURF summer student

Tianze receives a runner-up Poster Prize at the RSC CBBG postgraduate symposium - congratulations!

2021 June

Manuel receives the prestigious RSC 2021 Norman Heatley Award

Chemistry Biology Interface Division early career award: Norman Heatley Award (


2021 May

Sofia and Karola's paper on 'designer' p53 is published in Chemical Science (

Karola receives a Poster Prize at the RSC Chemical Biology Symposium - congratulations!

2021 Mar

Niyaz Zaman - LIDo rotation student - joins the lab

2021 Feb

Dr Greg Hughes - Postdoc - joins the lab

2020 Nov

Karola successfully defended her thesis. Congratulations Dr Gerecht!

2020 Oct

Matt Hess - LIDo iCASE PhD Student - joins the lab

Yasmin Gariba-Hamilton - King's MSci student - joins the lab

2020 Sept

Tianze's paper on an autocatalytic protein backbone modification is published in Biochemistry. Great collaboration with the Politis lab at KCL (


2020 June

Olga Tereszkowska-Kaminska - King's undergraduate student - joins the lab for a (remote) summer project


2019 Dec

Jasmine's review on viral anticancer proteins is published in Cancers


2019 Nov

Karola wins the 2019 Daniell Prize from KCL Chemistry (jointly with Magd Badaoui & Grant Pellowe). Congratulations!

2019 Sept

Jonathan Davies - PhD Student - joins the lab


2019 June

Florence Stoffel - King's Undergraduate Research Fellow - joins the lab

2018 Sept

Rachelle Benarroch - King's MSci student - returns to the lab

2018 Aug

Book chapter on 'Chemical Protein Synthesis: Strategies and Biological Applications' published in 'Chemical and Biological Synthesis: Enabling Approaches for Understanding Biology' (Editors: Nick J Westwood, Adam Nelson)

2017 Oct

Perspective on Post-Translational Modifications of Protein Backbones published in special issue of Biochemistry 'The Future of Biochemistry'

2017 Sept

Jasmine Wyatt - PhD Student (Jointly with Tavassoli Lab @ KCL, BRC) - joins the lab

2017 Sept

Tianze Zhang - PhD Student (CSC) - joins the lab

Halime Karakoy - King's MSci Student - joins the lab

2017 June

Rachelle Benarroch - King's Undergraduate Research Fellow - joins the lab for a summer project


Daynea Wallock-Richards - Postdoc in Chemical Biology - joins the lab

2017 May

George Preston - Visiting Postdoc from KCL Environmental Carcinogenesis - joins the lab

2017 Feb

Karola Gerecht - PhD Student (LIDo) - joins the lab

2017 Jan

Sofia Margiola - PhD Student - joins the lab


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